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Britain’s Communists have attacked Keir Starmer’s ‘shameful surrender’ to the anti-socialist, anti-Corbyn storyline on ‘anti-Semitism’ peddled by the Labour Party’s traditional right-wing enemies. 

In an online meeting of the CP political committee on Wednesday evening, Ben Chacko condemned the new Labour leadership’s decision to pay an estimated £500,000 in legal costs and damages to seven former Labour Party employees. 

They had sued following over Labour claims that they had an ‘axe to grind’ relating to supposed evidence of anti-Semitism they gave to a BBC Panorama documentary last year. 

‘That programme was a crude hatchet job which concealed the close relations between its interviewees and bodies such as Labour Friends of Israel and the Israeli embassy that had a record of public hostility to Mr Corbyn’, Mr Chacko charged. 

‘We now know that a clique of Labour Party staff members were engaged in a coordinated effort to undermine Corbyn’s leadership, stitch up his allies and sabotage Labour’s General Election campaign, while failing to deal with allegations of anti-Semitism fairly and properly’, he added. 

‘Against its own legal advice, the new Labour leadership has now used members’ money to reward enemies of the labour movement for a job well done’, the Morning Star editor concluded.  He welcomed Jeremy Corbyn’s efforts to set the record straight and called upon the labour movement to ensure Labour’s new leader is not allowed to suppress the leaked report that exposed the extent of internal sabotage of his predecessor’s leadership.

‘The attempt to trash the reputation of the Corbyn project is a slander on the whole of the left and should be resisted by socialists in and outside the Labour Party’, he said.