Sudan’s Forces for Freedom and Change alliance has issued a statement condemning the process of normalisation of relations between Sudan and Israel announced earlier this week. It stated that the FFC will continue the same policy of supporting the struggle of the Palestinian people for the establishment of their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital. It pledged to mobilise the Sudanese people to defeat efforts aiming to force the government into implementing schemes that go against the interest of the Sudanese people.

Yesterday Tuesday 27 October the Sudanese Communist Party held a press conference where it reaffirmed its declared stance of condemning the declarations made by members of military component of the Sudanese sovereignty council trying to impose the process of normalisation as a state policy.

The Political Secretary of the SCP, Comrade Kamal Karar, stressed the need for mass actions to defend the December achievements and defeat the counter revolutionary efforts to change the historical anti-imperialist stances of the majority of the Sudanese people.

On the economic field comrade Karar stressed the need to reverse the economic policies of the previous regime which were imposed by the IMF and which have led the country into a deep economic crisis. H pointed to the increasingly failure of the present government. Inflation exceeds 200 percent. The Sudanese pound has fallen to 200 against the dollar and the economy is in freefall. The queues for bread and fuel across the capital are getting longer and discontent among the people is growing.

The SCP has stressed time and again the need to change the economic policy and follow a new course that meets the basic demands of the Sudanese people.